We're a digital product agency.

INFOUND was born in January 2008. We’re currently a team of 6 people, each of us an expert in complementary fields, like product strategy, user-interface design, web engineering and brand strategy.

We’re looking for founders and companies with a long-term product focus – to plan and create new products and services together.

Internally as well as with our partners and clients we’re used to organise and do our work remotely. — But if you want to meet in person, we’d love to invite you to our studio in Vienna.

Design is at the core of who we are.

With our focus on simplicity, clarity and ease-of-use we see ourselves as information architects. We believe designing products has to start with the user experience not the technology. Throughout our product development process we’re seeking to join form and function into a sacred union.

Partnerships are crucial to success.

We believe collaborating in close partnerships is what it takes to succeed in todays abundant marketplace.

Since 2008 we’ve worked with established companies and start-ups all over Europe from a wide variety of industries. These are some of our past clients & collaborators:

Our Manifesto.

Start with why.
Designing useful products starts by discovering the real problem.

The basics are beautiful.
Embrace the constraints. Invent them if they’re not there naturally.

Make a significant contribution.
Do things where you feel you can make a significant contribution.

Never too busy to think.
Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priority.

Be driven by ideas rather than possibilities.
Innovation grows out of a healthy disregard for impossibilities.

Seek impact rather than technique.
Virtuously manipulating a great many variables is a symptom of sloppy thinking.

Give yourself a pause.
Because a relaxed mind is a creative mind.